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Q -What are the main differences between the PUP and the giZmo bag.

Answer: They both have the same features with 4 open pouches for convenience and 2 zippered compartments for security. The giZmo is approx 20% larger and has detachable straps. The straps can be left in the back zippered compartment when used as a purse organizer or take the straps out and attach to the giZmo and now you have a wearable organizer.  The giZmo has "locker" zipper application for added security. 

Q -What materials are used for the PUP and giZmo?

Answer: The PUP is made out of heavy duty polyester denier which is the same material as soft luggage. It really takes a beating so it's the perfect material for kids or for more rugged use. The giZmo is made out of microfiber. Both are machine washable (hang to dry or lay flat). The faux leather PUP  is not machine washable but can be easily wiped clean.

Q- What are the strap lengths and size of the giZmo vs the PUP.

Answer: The PUP measure 6.5" x 8.5" and is approximately 1.5" deep. These are the flat measurements without anything in side. The strap is a polyblend weave with a parachute clip application. The strap can be adjusted from 18" to 54". The PUP can be worn 3 different ways. 
The giZmo bag is approximately 20% larger 7.5"x 9.5" x 2"deep. Depending on how you use your giZmo it can expand to 3" deep. The continuous loop strap can be detached and stored in the back pocket when used as an organizer bag or reattach the straps and wear it 3 different ways. The strap is made out of a matching microfiber and is adjustable from 32" to 54" .