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PUPs Travel the World
Leah and Tory Palendat at the Biltmore Estate, Asheville-NC

Tory and Linda Palendat at Machu Picchu, Peru

Tory and Linda Palendat at Island off Bolivia
Patty Kealoha in China
Terra Cotta Horses

Erwin Ho and Patty Kealoha
 in Australia 
The PUP (Personal Utility Pouch) and the giZmo bag are ideal travel accessories.

Please send us your picture traveling with your PUP and if we use it on our "Show Us Your PUP" section we'll send you a PUP of our choice. Take your picture in the airport, tour buses, cruises or famous back drops . Please send your jpeg photo along with the names of the people in your picture and the place it was taken to: [email protected]

Special Travel News : Most recently Delta Airlines has been in the news because of their new policy, for pillows. Airlines are eliminating many services that in the past were free. 

One unpopular new airline policy is charging for extra carry on as well as checked bags. Even the smallest purse may count as a carry on. One interesting feature about the PUP and the giZmo bag: If slung over the shoulder when entering the plane it could be considered a purse or another carry on bag. However, if worn around the waist most airlines do not count it as a carry on because it is worn and considered a free item. After reading many airlines' rules and regulations I have found most will let you carry on a sweater, jacket or coat. Also a hat. You can carry on lunch if it is in a throw away bag ,but not lunch in a bag or countainer that you will be keeping. 

Please check with your airlines' policies regarding what can be carried on a flight.  

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