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The perfect accessory for your vacation or a "stay-cation". Keep your daily essentials organized and secure on your waist, across your body or on your shoulder for hands free living. Use your PUP for cruises, hiking, theme parks, movies, biking or just window shopping. See more 
The PUP measures 8.5 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches . To see various applications for the PUP and a close up view showing all of the pockets and compartments, please watch the PUP video. 

Other available videos are: the Daily Buzz morning show, a one minute video clip from QVC and Montel Williams promo . Thank you for your interest in the PUP. For more videos with our founder, please visit our company's website at . Stock up on PUPs for your future special events.  

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giZmoBag and a PUP SPECIAL- Save 30%
The PUP and the giZmoBag have been traveling around the world. To see pictures and learn more travel tips, visit the TRAVEL PAGE.
PUP Colors: 
Brick (Burgundy)
Navy Blue (Sold Out)
Royal Blue
Pink (Sold Out)
Khaki (Sold Out)
giZmoBag Colors: 
Licorice  (Black)
Bubble Gum Pink
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Have you ever had to call your own cell phone just to find it, or spent a significant amount of time searching for your: reading glasses, pen, business cards? The electronic devices are becoming smaller and easier to misplace. 

The PUP was invented to eliminate the problem of "Where did I leave my----?" The PUP or personal utility pouch, is an organizational accessory that you can leave in the car, in a brief case or WEAR IT. Specifically designed so the wearer has hands free living yet with all of their daily essentials easily accessible. The PUP measures approximately 6.5" x 8.5" and is flat in design. The 4 open pouches allows easy access to your: cell phone, reading glasses, pen, palm pilot or whatever you need on a regular basis. The 2 zippered pockets allow for extra security for items such as: passport, wallet, credit cards etc.  

The parachute clip strap easily adjusts from 18 to 54" allowing children as well as adults three different ways to wear their PUP: around the waist, over the shoulder or across the chest. Available in 8 colors, the PUP can be used by both men and women for a multitude of applications. 

The PUP will hold your high tech, low tech or no tech items such as: CD player, cell phones, ipods, sunglasses, wallets, passport and pens. Material: Polyester -denier (same as soft luggage) MACHINE WASHABLE (hang to dry). With the exception of the Faux Leather PUP, PUPs can also accept fabric paint as well as iron on patches to personalize them. To see the PUP in action please click on the picture of the family on the Videos and Demos page
Q - What's the difference in PUP materials ? 

A - The original PUP is made of a poly blend Denier material. This is the same material used in soft luggage. It has a waterproof backing so the inside can easily be kept clean. All of the denier PUPs (aka original PUP) are machine washable (hang to dry) The denier PUPs can also accept iron on patches and fabric paint. The Corinthian (faux leather) which is a man made "leather" can be wiped cleaned. It is not machine washable. The pink PUP is microfiber and is also machine washable but unlike the other PUPs the microfiber material will not accept iron on patches or fabric paint..  

Q - How long is the strap? 

A - The straps on all of the PUPs are adjustable from 18 to 54”. You can wear it around your waist, over your shoulder or across your chest. 

Q - What makes the PUP different from any other “fanny pack” ? 

A - One of the most important features of the PUP is its FLAT design. Most traditional fanny packs or waist bags protrude to an unflattering appearance for the wearer. The PUP however was specifically designed in a square shape in lieu of the traditional egg shape seen on most waist packs. The wearer can actually hide the PUP under an outer shirt or jacket. 

Q - Could the PUP be used as a travel accessory? 

A - Yes, in fact when the PUP was featured on QVC it was promoted as a unisex designed, wearable organizer and was predominately featured on travel shows. The flat design can easily be hidden under a shirt or jacket. Because the PUP is so discreet, it doesn’t shout TOURIST. In addition: most airlines will not count the PUP as a carry on because it can be worn. The PUP’s designs allows the wearer to comfortably wear the PUP while seated. You can keep those items you may need close at hand : medicine, gum, tickets, money, glasses, pen or even a personal CD player in your PUP for easy access during long flights. 

Q - How many colors are available in the Corinthian? 

A -The faux leather Corinthian is only available in black with a diamond bright silver zipper and a silver paw print logo. 

Q. Besides the washable aspect, are there any other differences between the faux leather and the denier "original" PUPs

 A - The main difference in the denier is the availability in colors: Red, Burgundy, Light Beige, Khaki, Royal and  as well as Black.   The Denier material can also accept iron on patches and fabric paint so if you are a Crafter you can personalize your PUP to fit your lifestyle.
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The new giZmoBag is a larger version of the PUP. All of the same features as the PUP, 4 outer pouches for easy access to: cell phone, iPods, sun glasses, pen, flip cameras, etc and 2 zippered compartments for security items: passport, wallet or check book. However, the giZmo (Z-Bag) has one dynamic feature- it has a pick- pocket deterrent safety feature. The giZmo measures 7.5" x 9.5" and 2 inches in depth. The Z-bag can be worn 3 different ways: across the chest, around the waist, or over the shoulder.Straps adjust from 32"-54". Remove and store the straps in the back zippered pocket and the Z bag can also be used strictly as a purse or tote organizer. 4 colors: Cappuccino, Licorice and Bubble Gum Pink.
The giZmoBag by Jean Newell
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The Faux Leather PUP by Jean Newell
This unisex designed, faux leather, fashion accessory is the perfect -all purpose carry all -for urban daily use. 

The black Corinthian PUP is available with the diamond bright silver zipper. 

The strap is adjustable to fit children and adults. Strap adjusts from 18 to 54 inches so it can easily be worn 3 different ways: around the waist, over the shoulder or across the body. The Corinthian Faux Leather PUP is fully lined and can be wiped clean for easy care. PUP measures 6".5 x 8.5" and approximately 1.5 inches deep. 

Don't let the measurements fool you. The rectangular shape of all of the PUPs allow for more storage for all of the "square and rectangular" items we use on a regular basis i.e. cell phone, palm pilot, digital camera, iPod, pager, etc. However, because of its unobtrusive design, you still have the option of wearing the PUP under an overshirt or jacket. 

 To see video clips of the PUP click on the various Icon options (Daily Buzz, QVC etc) at the top of the home page. See more pictures on the USES page. 

MSRP: $24.95      Your Price:  $24.95 (FREE Shipping within United States.)
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